Food production is responsible for 25% of global climate emissions. Together, we want to lower that and make a positive change in the food industry. Discover the Changemakers who use Biocode to continuously calculate, improve and communicate climate impacts throughout the supply chain.

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Hailia Nordics

Food and beverages

Hailia Nordic Oy is a Finnish food technology start-up that began its operations in 2021, specializing in the development of innovative fish products and production methods. Their first delicious products were introduced to the market in 2023.

Hailia kalaruoka


Food and beverages

We are a berry growers' own company founded in 1982, and our task is to offer all Finns domestic, safe and healthy berry products every day of the year. We are located in the middle of the berry area in Suonenjoki.

Pakkasmarja Cover

Kuusamon Juusto

Food and beverages

Purely from the North. We are a cheese manufacturer from Kuusamo. We use professional skill to produce cheeses developed by our cheese masters. The character of our cheeses matures surrounded by the Northern nature. We know that good things are not made easily, but with a relentless attitude.



enifer is a Finnish biotech start-up developing a unique mycoprotein technology to produce the protein of the future from side stream.


Food and beverages

Vöner Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2017. Company produces plant-based food products, e.g. plant-based proteins and ready meals for retail and professional channels.


Food and beverages

Anton & Anton; the best ready-made meals in Finland, found in stores nationwide. Tasty, sustainable, and sure to bring a smile to your face. Elevate your day by having them delivered straight to your office or event. Learn about our environmental impact below. By clicking on the links, you will see what each CO2 footprint consists of.


Food and beverages

Kalaonni, fisherman's luck, is the best we know at Kalavapriikki: relentlessly high-quality domestic seafood - in a form that suits the urban lifestyle and is easily accessible. We created a product family keeping in mind people like us: pleasure-seeking but busy urban supermarket fishermen who definitely want a clean and responsibly produced taste experience on our plates.

Helsinki Mills

Food and beverages

Helsinki Mills is a Finnish family-owned company that develops, manufactures and markets various cereal products for consumers, large kitchens and industry. We are Finland's largest processor of domestic organic grain, a major manufacturer of various oat products and an exporter of grain products. Our production process has been carbon neutral since 2020. We export oat products to about 40 countries.

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Oy Soya Ab / Jalofoods

Food and beverages

Jalofoods has been sourcing its raw materials based on sustainable principles since day one. ‘Organic’ and ‘fair’ are deeply rooted in the soul of the company, which helps build rock-solid ties with like-minded partners. We firmly believe in continuosly taking actions that minimise our impact on the planet.

Kinnusen Mylly

Food and beverages

Kinnusen Mylly is a family-owned business since 1913 and now already the third generation continues to operate the mill in northern Finland.

65 Oats

Mtech Digital Solutions

Software development

Mtech is an innovative digital solutions provider specialised in business development and farming software.

Association of ProAgria Centres

Advisory services

We'll succeed together! ProAgria offers services and expertise for developing the competitiveness and profitability of agricultural and business activities.

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Join us

Climate champion

Does your company want to be the trendsetter? Start calculating the climate impact of your food products and be a pioneer in the food industry!

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We help companies understand the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain holistically and identify the most effective emission reduction measures.

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